Ensuring Peace of Mind


Consumer Engagement

Jenda TAG offers your consumers a way to instantly confirm product authenticity.

Brands are built on trust.  At Jenda, we’re committed to helping you safeguard this trust, engage consumers through curated experiences, and better understand consumer buying behavior.  To authenticate, consumers simply scan the product’s QR code or NFC tag at the point of purchase. Jenda immediately determines authenticity, and creates an opportunity for brands to engage consumers in a highly personalized manner.

Empower consumers to confirm authenticity with their phones by scanning Jenda-powered labels on your products.

Curated, Social Engagement

Leverage purchase history, geolocation, behavioral, and demographic data to generate unique, impactful experiences.

Real-Time Insights That Drive Decisions

Data from every scan helps you monitor sales in real time, analyze marketing ROI, and identify critical opportunities.

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