Promo Pulse gives you access to every marketing email sent from brands and retailers in your industry to consumers across the country.

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Track every email marketing campaign sent from specific brands or stores. With Promo Pulse, you’ll never lose sight of how your competitors are engaging with consumers.

Review and share messages and campaigns with your whole team. Promo Pulse provides a full screenshot of every email, and makes it easy to keep your team informed.

Filter your customized feed by brand, product category, store location, and dozens of other attributes to cut through the noise the identify important insights.

New emails are added to your feed just minutes after they’re sent by retailers or competing brands, so you’ll never be out of touch with the latest marketing campaigns.

Promo Pulse gives you full visibility into how retailers and competitors are promoting your products and the competition’s. Jenda welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss our platform with you.

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