Track, Analyze, Respond.

Unprecedented data and insights to inform strategy and investment

Know when and where every product is purchased and scanned

Track performance of marketing investments and identify untapped opportunities

Improve marketing ROI

Analyze how consumers respond to marketing activities in virtually any channel (SEM, social, display media, tv, radio, etc.). Jenda tracks scan volume and other key metrics for targeted demographics prior to, during, and after each campaign to identify the campaign’s impact.

Review data in real time

Identify trends and opportunities from every scan and interaction. Jenda transforms mountains of data into invaluable insights about consumer buying behaviors. Armed with detailed, timely information, brands can make smarter, faster decisions.

Discover opportunities

Take action on untapped regions and demographics uncovered by Jenda. Using multiple analytics tools powered by rich data, Jenda helps brands focus on opportunities that drive results.

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