Real Time Engagement
Powered by Rich Data

Relevant content to the right consumers at the perfect times

Speak to Consumers Directly

Unique, personalized experiences improve product relevancy at the perfect moments.

Relevant, Timely Recommendations

Offer targeted cross-sell and up-sell suggestions your consumers will actually appreciate.

A few ways Jenda TAG helps brands engage with consumers…

Dynamic, curated product information

Direct integration with brand’s existing social media presence

Socially-focused loyalty & VIP programs

Data-driven up-sell & cross-sell recommendations

Easily find local, authorized retailers

Shop at an official online store with a single tap

Share products with friends using messaging and social media apps

Stay connected by opting in to email or SMS marketing

Built to Be Customized

We know that one size does not fit all.¬† Jenda’s team of expert marketers and engineers specialize in developing¬†tailored solutions to achieve your goals.

Interested? Let’s Talk.

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