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Market Integrity

As the number of unauthorized resellers, non-compliant retail partners, counterfeiters, and other bad actors continues to grow, companies trust Jenda to help them operate in an environment of integrity. Jenda gives brands unprecedented information about where, how, and to whom their products are being sold, while providing them with powerful tools to act on these insights.

With a full suite of digital solutions, Jenda is a partner you can depend on to strengthen and grow your business.

Automate MAP Policy Enforcement

MAP Shield permanently eliminates underpriced and unauthorized listings from tens of thousands of websites, including every major marketplace. By combining automated software and skilled analysts, MAP Shield lets you enforce your MAP policy with unmatched speed and accuracy.

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Aggregate & Analyze Every Marketing Message

Promo Pulse keeps you up-to-date on on the latest marketing trends and strategies in your industry.  Your team can monitor and review every email marketing campaign sent to your consumers from retailers and competing brands. Your feed is completely customizable and refreshes in real time, so you’ll never be out of touch.

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Engage Consumers through Anti-Counterfeiting

Jenda TAG enables consumers to confirm product authenticity and purchase with confidence. Every interaction creates opportunities for instant, personalized engagement.

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Track Pricing Across the Web & in Store

Price Pulse helps your team make better decisions with real-time data. Fully customizable reports track how your products are priced compared to the competition at 25,000+ stores across the country, giving you an incredible information advantage.

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Set Your Products Apart with Transformative Transparency

Jenda Trust Suite enables an unparalleled level of transparency and Dynamic Communication™ in the production and distribution of physical goods anywhere in the world.

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Transformative Tech for Your Entire Organization

Our clients rely on Jenda to achieve some of their most critical goals: enhanced control of how products are sold by partner retailers, strengthened customer loyalty, compelling product differentiation, and more.

Business Intelligence & Consumer Insights

Marketing, Digital, & Brand

Legal & Brand Protection

Finance & Operations

“All innovative companies that rely on IP to support their global development strategy are at risk.”

-2016 OECD/EUIPO Report

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